Saturday, 11 May 2013

Shiny New Garden Blog

I've been wanting to post about what's happening in the garden, so I've started a new blog to do just that.

These magnificent magnolias are always a delight each spring when they get into full bloom. There are a number of them all around town, and they present quite a spectacular show. Just as a note, they are about two weeks later than normal this year, because of this year's never-ending winter.

When I see these magnolias in bloom, I always think of when I went to Montreal to see an exhibition of Louis C. Tiffany's stained glass, which I wrote about here. Tiffany spent a lot of time outside with his plant subjects, observing all the details of the flowers, buds, leaves, stems, etc, to be able to portray them in his art glass. If you notice, though, a magnolia's flowers and bud are showing before the leaves emerge. Tiffany presented the leaves and flowers in his stained glass! Artistic licence? I suppose so. It definitely makes for a more interesting design. And it is interesting to me that this is how he would choose to present this beautiful tree. I certainly understand his inspiration, and wanting to spend time in nature. Look here for a closer view of Tiffany's Magnolia Glass.

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