Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Shopping for Annuals

Belgian Nursery
in the Annual Greenhouse
Victoria Day Monday found us at Belgian Nursery for our annual round of purchasing annuals for our garden baskets. We like to go before the long weekend for two reasons: One, the selection is better when things aren't sold out, and Two, the crowds are not so crazy. It just didn't work our for us to get there earlier this year, but it all worked out anyway. So we are I am busy building all our planters for our patio. We think it would be nice to just get the planters already premade, but in a few weeks, ours catch up, and may just survive better in the heat of summer. Anyway, once this BIG job is done, we can pretty much cruise through the summer with a lot of baskets to show for our efforts.
Lilacs along an
Ontario sideroad

The other thing around here is that the lilacs are in full bloom. Along every street and side road, you can see every shade of light purple or white in full bloom. They are all quite spectacular, if perhaps a bit weedy. And if you have the windows open, you can catch the scent in the air. And they are lovely to bring indoors, if even for a brief spell.

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