Friday, 24 May 2013

Snowball Bush & Lily of the Valley

Snowball Viburnum
Snowball Viburnum
I drove past one of these in the neighbourhood yesterday. It blooms prolifically every year, and is a lovely sight. I'm wondering right at this minute why we don't haven't planted one in our yard, it is so amazing. It would add tremendously to our privacy along our fence line.

Lily of the Valley
Also in bloom is Lily of the Valley. This is growing alongside our driveway, next to our neighbour's house. This is a good place for it to grow, because its spread is contained. It is very aggresive, and it tends to choke out anything else. To its credit, it does make a very nice cut flower for inside the house, and has such a lovely scent, so I don't mind it too much. I advise warn anybody else not to plant it, though!

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  1. look at all your pretty white flowers, so lovely!
    thank you for stopping by!